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Naturally, the roof type is defined by three main factors: the roof slope, the building materials, and supplies used for roofing and the shape of the architectural appearance of the building. In general, the type of the roof is determined during the blueprint stage. However, it does not necessarily mean that one cannot make certain amendments during regular Ideal Siding Calgary or even completely change the siding type. Thus, let us take a closer look at the most practical and ubiquitous types of roofs in order to determine their pros and cons.

According to the general design, the roofs can be divided into 3 types:

  • Attic Roofs

Attic roofs are the roofs with overlapping elements at the top of the walls, which separates the space under the roof from the premises located below. These roofs are popular in regions with cold climate, since the overlap significantly reduces the heat loss. In addition, the space under the roof is suitable for use as an additional utility or residential room.

  • Open Roofs

These are the roofs that have no additional ceiling overlap. This type is more suitable for a warm climate since in severe climatic conditions it cannot keep the warmth.

Within these two major types, they are divided into small groups, including:

  • Simple-Hip Roofs

These roofs, also known as pyramidal roofs are ideal for square shaped buildings.

Their most notable advantages include:

  • High resistance to atmospheric precipitates;
  • Attractive appearance;
  • A great number of suitable roofing materials.

Italian Roofs

Half-hipped roofs are popular in the Northern Europe region, which is characterized by strong winds and heavy rains. Half-hipped roofs have four pairwise symmetrical slopes. On the short sides of the house, the slopes are triangular, on the long sides – trapezoid. This roof type is safely guarded against the wind, and its long overhangs protect the walls of the house from excessive humidity. Another advantage of this roof is a great attic space that can be relatively easily transformed into a full-scale mansard floor.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are popular in Canada. They fit well with italian doors which have complicated locks. Our friend who is a locksmith in Richmond can tell you about these locks and help you to repair your lock.

To date, flat roofs did not find considerable use in the private sector. The main reasons why this type should not be used for a private house include:

– Unusually high waterproof requirements;
– Architectural inexpressiveness;
– Additional reinforcement of the load-bearing capacity of the roof system because of the extra pressure caused by snow.
Nevertheless, these roofs are highly popular in warm regions.
The advantages of flat roofs include:
– Extra space for arrangement of playgrounds, recreational zones, winter gardens, etc.;
– Extra space for installation of eco-friendly energy sources, such as wind generators, solar panels or other equipment for the improvement of the comfort and economic efficiency of the house.