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Siding for Canadian Weather

Canada is the country with different climatic conditions throughout the territory. When it is cold and dry in one part of the country, it may be wet and warm in the other. You should choose the siding material, which will best suit the place you live.

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Pay attention to all nature manifestations, which take place in your region (hail, floods, salt, moisture, cold) when you consider possible options. We will detail on each siding option to give you the full understanding of what is best for your home.

Vinyl siding

This option is really popular because it is not expensive and needs low maintenance. Vinyl is comparatively water resistant and strong. It is important to install this kind of siding properly to let it have the space to move, expand and contract. Otherwise, it may crack and buckle. If you live in the area with high humidity, make sure to use galvanized nails when fixing siding to prevent corrosion. Emergency service

Wood siding

First of all you should remember that wood needs proper maintenance. If you can’t guarantee this, you’d better choose some other option. But if you are ready for such challenges, wood will be perfect for any house. Being properly cared, wood siding can last generations. Especially firm is cedar and redwood. They need the least attention when we speak about service. In case you use some cheaper species of wood, prime it before installation to prevent rot.

Aluminum siding

Aluminum is often chosen by the homeowner who are interested in energy saving technologies. This material retains temperature better, thus making your heating bills lower. Aluminum siding is a perfect choice for areas with high humidity because it is corrosion resistant. It comes in multiple colors allowing to pick an option for any design. Aluminum siding stays in good condition longer compared to vinyl. The negative side of this material is that it is prone to denting.

Fiber cement siding

Fiber cement is a strong siding material, which can withstand any climatic conditions: from extreme heat to severe cold. It is not disposed to corrosion, rot, deformation or insect damage. Besides, fiber cement is fireproof and its maintenance won’t take you much time or money. Fiber cement keeps your house warm in cold months and cool in summer.

Brick siding

It is not only beautiful but also very reliable. Brick siding can last a lifelong. Though bricks tend to absorb water, they still perform their protective function. Though its price is higher than the cost of some other siding materials, the charm it gives to the house exterior cannot be compared to anything else. The only thing that may corrode brick siding is salt, so if you live on the beachfront, you shouldn’t make your choice in favor of brick siding.

Siding in Calgary |